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Deadly Premonition - a game I love a lot. This was made for a fan-art competition judged by SWERY himself! …I didn’t even get a mention. Oh well!

We think it’s pretty cool!

This is beyond awesome.


Day #2

i have no idea of what i’m doing halp


I made a thing.

This is amazing! Let’s all share the BIT.Trip joy!


I’m embrassed to admit it but I’m kind of obbsesed with him and this game right now XD

Asker Anonymous Asks:
is harvest moon: a new beginning ever going to be published in Europe? :(
risingstargames risingstargames Said:

Hi there, I’m afraid Rising Star Games is currently not working on Harvest Moon: ANB but another European publisher may still release it. Thank you for your interest and support.

Calling all Deadly Premonition fans!!! We want to hear from YOU. What do you love about Deadly Premonition? Do you always feel a warm fuzzy sensation when you think of Thomas’ delicious biscuits or devilishly smooth jazz music? Of course you do.

Well, we’ve got something in the works and would like you to make a video/voice recording of yourself talking about the game (or even choreographing an interpretive dance!?) and then upload it to YouTube!

Don’t forget to send us the link! Via a Tumblr message, Facebook or Twitter :) The deadline for all submissions is the 21st April.

~ RSG Team x

Akai Katana - Rising Star Games (2012)

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Rune Factory Oceans - PS3

Whose been delving into this video game adventure over the long Easter weekend? Let us know!